Western Casewriters Association

Welcome to the Western Casewriters Association (WCA). WCA is the Western regional association of business casewriters. Its purpose is to train, develop and support business case writing for research and pedagogical purposes. WCA organizes an annual conference for experienced and new case-writers and academics using cases for classroom teaching. Please see Call for Cases tab on the menu for this year's conference, held in association with the annual meeting of the Western Academy of Management.

The Conference

The Western Casewriters Association annual conference is a unique opportunity to engage with other case-writers in a small group format to exchange feedback and polish-up your case, learn about using cases in the classroom, get a peer-reviewed conference on your vita and enjoy the presentations from leading case authors and case educators.

It is an excellent professional development opportunity because it is a "developmental" conference designed to provide feedback from experienced case researchers in order to move the projects toward eventual publication in a top-level journal such as the Case Research Journal.

The format is round-table discussions. You will be grouped with three or four other people who have written cases and will spend time with an experienced facilitator providing feedback on each others' cases. The feedback, although rigorous, is friendly. Or, you may attend the conference just to learn more about case-research and see presentations on how to teach with cases.


Next Year’s Conference Date and Hotel Location: 

Thursday, March 17, 2022

Hilton Waikoloa Village, Big Island, Hawaii

Early Submission Deadline: No "early deadline" this year.

Submission Deadline:   January 9, 2022


Reasons to Attend

  • To improve your case. Round table discussions provide an opportunity for feedback that otherwise would be difficult to obtain.
  • To hone and refine your case research, writing, and teaching skills. By participating in a serious, constructive debate over cases, discussants will gain a variety of valuable insights that will assist in the development of the case presented and cases to be written in the future.
  • To obtain assistance in making your cases publishable. A high percentage of WCA cases are published in one form or another every year.
  • You will meet a lot of terrific people—dedicated case researchers, writers, and teachers to whom you can turn for friendship and assistance for years to come.


Who Should Attend

Academic researchers looking for a peer-reviewed platform to develop their research stream. If accepted, this will count as a peer-reviewed conference on your vita.


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