History of Western Casewriters Association

Western casewriters was started by Dick Eisenbeis in 1989 at the Western Academy of Management. It has convened an annual case-writing conference in the round-table format since then to help train, develop and support case-writers. The authors can choose to send in cases for the double-blind peer-review part of the conference or send embryo cases that they would like to discuss at the conference.

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The past presidents of the organization include:

  • Wayne Singular
  • Nina O’Brien
  • Deborah Walker
  • Andrew Fergus
  • Michael Valdez
  • Elaine Labach
  • Teresa Martinelli-Lee (Treasurer)
  • Keith H Sakuda
  • Leslie Goldgehn
  • Duane Helleloid
  • Issam Ghazzawi
  • Steve McGuire
  • Jyoti Bachani
  • Joshua Mindel
  • George Whaley
  • Anne Lawrence
  • Joan Winn
  • Teri Tompkins
  • James Spee
  • Jeff Shay
  • Armand Gilinsky
  • Bruce Robertson
  • Sally Baack
  • V. Seshan (ex-Treasurer)
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